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Why do you still have contract ownership?

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  • On one hand, we could have locked ourselves out of the contract and LP totally, which may still be a possibility in the future.

  • On the other hand, we can keep the contract in our custody and utilize the functions of that to be able to applicate these functions to benefit the community, instead of harm them.

  • There has been some FUD going around in the most recent weeks, some by other clones of the smart contract that we are using, which targets us as having the ability for a rug pull. Let's take a deeper look at these attacks.

    • Firstly, we have taken serious steps towards mitigating the risk of security initially starting with the presale hosted on DxSale, LP being immediately locked out of the gate, bringing in a real team with real people who offered to dox themselves and put their public credibility on the line, registering an entity, locking the 2nd LP and the list goes on.

    • We have already publicly expressed our goals and intentions of why we remain open toward keeping the contract in our custody due to the functions of it allowing us greater strategic plays down the timeline.

    • For instance, we have the ability to exclude hot wallets that exchanges use to send and receive TX. We also have the ability to exclude the burn address from receiving rewards as it is currently absorbing #SAFEMOON at a massive rate.

  • We can enable different liquidity pairs on other DEX's by utilizing the generated LP and seeding it to these exchanges.

    • In other words, we aren't just stuck with a smart contract that is limited to only trading on pancakeswap. While that may be fine initially, we have the vision to expand beyond these boundaries. These are the boundaries that currently exist for many other developer teams that tout themselves as having an edge over us.

  • In summary, we are not shortsighted to the limitations as being a finality, we believe that this smart contract can out perform its competition for reasons that we exclusively offered to the community. Our edge? The perfect harmony between fair launch / public team / and responsible contract utilization, this was the birth of SafeMoon.

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