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  1. mine update every 2 seconds ive recieved thousands, i use trust wallet.
  2. hey boys of safemoon john karony, papa, and the rest of the devs lol throw us line here!
  3. i didnt start the fire but the worlds been burning since the worlds been turning....burn it down boys!! #tothemoon
  4. not sure i care about all the fud in the social media all i care about is this investment in this defi token and this product.....lets go safemoon army!!
  5. great idea lol i too would love to do that to my 35th anniversary edition mustang in dark green...just missing the safemoon logos and neon lights haha probably gonna do it myself but a little sponsorship would be cool too.
  6. would you know if its possible to move safemoon coins from a shared account? we tried but it was giving us errors cant remember what his wallet is but mine is trust wallet maybe his is the same. and will there be any slippage of any sort to transfer them.
  7. wondering how to move my coins which i share an account with someone else, is it possible to move them without transfer fees and such or is it because we have different names when transfering them? some help would be nice.
  8. i and friend of mine have some safemoon together and we tried to move my share of safemoon to my account but it keeps failing? any ideas on how i can retrieve coins?
  9. tried ordering a substantial amount of safemoon merch but looks like its only available in the uk.
  10. just getting up to speed on all the crytpo language and jargon lol cant wait to be a shark 🦈 or kraken. 🦀. crab weelly lol #tothemoon 🚀🚀
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