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  1. All fixed, MetaMask needed to be connected to pancakeswap for it to show!
  2. I am there with you, I transferred some of mine from Bitmart to MetaMask and it hasn’t arrived. Once I get the answer I’ll send it, if you check BSCScan for the address you sent it to and if it shows then it exists it’s just that your wallet isn’t showing it. Therefore I have a feeling the wallet display settings (token address) aren’t correct.
  3. This is an excellent token, I don’t know why it just stood out. Maybe it’s Papas cool beard but I think your purchase and wallet should be easier. On your main page you should have step by step instructions for e.g. Buy on Pancakeswap, store on Nano Ledger S Buy on Bitmart, store in trust wallet That’s sort of thing, if you aren’t technically savvy you are going to suffer badly.
  4. Hello, I did set up the Safemoon token on MetaMask and it appears under the smart chain network. So I head over to Bitmart and transfer some of it to the MetaMask address. It still hasn’t arrived yet the BSCScan shows it transferred to the address? Has anyone else experienced this? Go Safemoon by the way!
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