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  1. I can realistically see 25 trillion but I feel 1 Trillion will be quite hard to reach.
  2. From the sounds of it, theres nothing you can do..
  3. I am on iOS also but I have not been able to personally figure out how to do it. I’ve heard that some people manage to disable it just for it to come back. For the time being to minimize any risk I’m just not touching my wallet except for balance updates.
  4. That was such an obvious scam it hurts. Stick to the exchanges that sell it.
  5. I thought based on the title this would be a twitter rant post lol. Good to see that you are one of the smart ones! Happy HODLing
  6. Sounds more like an issue if you live in the state of Cali.
  7. Anytime its asking for a passphrase or not something official from safemoon its either a scam or treat it as one. Like SafeMoonLover said they will empty your wallet.
  8. Not sure what exchange you are on but its different depending on which one. Also you shouldnt post your balance. Keep yourself anonymous.
  9. Sounds like the transaction failed, might need to increase the slippage if I recall correctly.
  10. I’ve been hearing more and more about this and personally experienced it at the moment. As far as I can understand the only way to be sure is by disabling the Dapp
  11. Commenting so I can learn more about it.
  12. Beautiful, I was looking for a spreadsheet and this is how I came across the forum! Thanks a bunch and much love.
  13. I feel its a work in progress, with enough brains involved I believe they will come up with something. I do feel you brought up a great point that will probably have to be taken into consideration. Im quite curious to see how all of this pans out. It be pretty interesting..
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