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  1. In all seriousness, take a look at safemoon Mark’s discussion on liquidity. There’s a nice part addressing the fud toward the end.
  2. Do you have a driver licence or passport to prove your identity? If on BitMart, you also need to take a selfie of you holding your chosen document and a slip saying BitMart, your signature and the date to complete the KYC.
  3. Must be all the reflections I got today 🤑 sorry to make light of it 🤭
  4. I’ve just received my reflections on BitMart. I’ve calculated my bag has grown just over 4%. In a month. A little less than last month but with the upcoming use cases, sticking with this rounded down figure in a pretty mediocre trading month, is in my view, more than a little pessimistic. Lets stick with it for a moment though. From what I’ve gathered from other sources, the average safemoon bag is/was around $1000, probably lower today but lets stick with $1000 just for ease. With no change to volume or price my $1000 in safemoon today, with 4% reflections every month: If
  5. Not a problem on safemoon side. It’s dexguru problem- where safemoon pulls its data from.
  6. There is no definitive answer to this, though papa has hinted 100 million- Not purely through burn.
  7. Hey confused Newbie. A couple of months back I believed it was possible for safemoon to reach 0.01 in the long term. Perhaps 10 years, probably more. Now I’m pretty certain it will, probably much sooner. However, it doesn’t really matter if it reaches that much if you’re in now and take a wholesome view of all the variables of tokenomics. I don’t think the majority who say it’s impossible to reach 0.01 are intentionally spreading FUD, they just haven’t done full research on tokenomics and the use cases for the token. The majority wrongly base the assertion that it can’t reach 0.01 on the numb
  8. Your safemoon is a share of the market. Let’s say there are only 10 safemoon in the world and you own one of them. You would receive 10% of the overall reflections as you own 1/10 of the market. If the burn wallet owned 5 shares or 9 shares, it has no bearing on your holding. You’d still have 1/10 of the market share. Yes the burn wallet would receive more in time, but doesn’t mean you would get less. Your market share will actually only increase if you hold as your reflections are added, regardless of the size of the burn wallet. Not only that, but available safemoon in the market reduces ove
  9. I’m with you. I’ve no doubt it’s in the pipeline.
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