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  1. Didn't you get in for the long term? You're, what, a month in? While your entry may not have been timed well in the short term, show some faith. Selling in the first downturn is a chump move.
  2. Aren't Bitmart reflections distributed in lump sums monthly?
  3. Welcome to the party. 1st thing: For many reasons, don't share your specific investments with your girlfriend. 2nd: Don't post your wallet balance online. Now that we've got that cleared up, there are countless videos about Safemoon getting to .01 on Youtube. They're all pretty much fluff because there are more variables than they've considered. The most comprehensive mathematic analysis I've seen so far is in this video: https://youtu.be/xV8YFnFIg7UI There's a link to the Google sheet to download and you can alter your holding amount and timelines as he expla
  4. If anything, tokenomics is the future of cryptos. They've stated that the 10% fee does not apply to its use via card payment which is in the works. So that function of utility will be more useful than any other crypto I've encountered thus far. The potential and innovative thinking of Safemoon is what drew me to invest in the first place. I have never held Dogecoin or any other meme coin and don't hold this one in the same category even though that's where it receives the publicity.
  5. I've run into the same issue before and it was frustrating because there's not an obvious adjustment to the problem it describes. I adjusted the slippage tolerance up until it didn't give me the error anymore. Try 1%-2% increase in slippage.
  6. I would be very cautious when doing this. That is highly sensitive info and not something that should be regularly shared.
  7. While it's possible that Voyager may support Safemoon in the future, there's no telling if/when that may happen. If you're interested in buying into Safemoon, you should be open to using other apps/wallets as timing is everything. I like the Trustwallet app so far. It's not an exchange, but a holding place. With application of their security features (which don't come enabled by default for some reason), I feel it is secure enough for my uses.
  8. App and software development in general doesn't typically announce release dates as QA and testing happens until nearly the last minute. An anticipated release window is generally announced within a week of going live, if not closer to the actual delivery date. They do not want to make promises they can't keep, especially when there is money or markets riding on it.
  9. You'll get whatever is on pancakeswap when you exchange back to BNB, for now. The Safemoom wallet will hopefully make that a bit more straightforward.
  10. Decentralized finance has a decentralized price. Buyers vs sellers on different exchanges can have different ratios which affect their prices differently. I don't know what function there is for equilibrium, though.
  11. You could also use (total daily volume*.05)/count of holders for a rough estimate. Kind of always a moving target when the market doesn't close.
  12. Some people sell all of their holdings. A bit fishy for that to be ~700k (37% of holders), though. Could have been a hiccup if that number is back to 1.9M.
  13. For some reason the price on their site reflects boggedfinance pricing. Just about everyone holds in trust wallet which uses coinmarketcap pricing.
  14. Buy the dip, folks. This is another flash in the pan.
  15. It's possible they just have very poor visibility into pending transactions. Binance, for example, shows you the transaction, but does not allow you to trade/send/withdraw those purchased coins until 5 days (for card purchases) or 10 days (for ACH purchases). I'm hoping your coins show in your balance on day 5.
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