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  1. If this bothers you and you can not see how Bitcoin is being manipulated; you should just sell out bro. This is completely understandable and obvious. If you are worried now, it's only going to get worse lol. What would you expect from a token this new? That it would not follow BTC to the letter ,until it gets on it's own feet? if you think BTC will recover then hold and wait. If not sell and give us those reflections. I won't even get into compounding interest here if the basics elude you....
  2. Right... I have been reporting the scam adds and half they refuse to ban due to, they have decided they are not breaking any rules lmao
  3. I kind of figured it was more about people not knowing how to use basic safe practices and falling for Phishing/ Dustin/ etc. etc., than PCS being unsafe while connected. left mine connected for at least a week before the rumors started about having to disconnect and no problems...... FYI https://www.reddit.com/r/pancakeswap/comments/nrxs7o/weve_seen_a_lot_of_concern_from_people_about/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
  4. I doubt it since the amount each person gets is dependant on how much you hold.
  5. I really am hoping the USA does not give us any issues with the SFM wallet. That would hurt lol
  6. Here in the USA we are blocked from using Binance. There is Binance.US but many states such as my own block us from using it too. It really is a sh @t show lol
  7. You use binance I am guessing?
  8. Yes as discussed many times over. Simplex is expensive but available immediately, whereas Coinbase and other exchanges are much cheaper but can require up to 7 days waiting for full balance to be available for use. Pick your poison. I do know that with coinbase once your initial setup, you can put in up to 1K a day with no wait times. When I first started I put in 3K and only 1K was available, and then the rest 6 days later was available. Pick your poison. Both have advantages and disadvantages. This is the way it is atm. This is the price you pay for being early in a project still in its infa
  9. Not to be rude bud, but that is exactly why so many people are loosing their money to scammers. Just not paying close attention and doing the research needed to invest safely. I literally just came back to crypto less than two weeks ago after having been involved with BTC in its infancy. I decided I wanted to buy into safe moon. It being new and hard to buy and seeing all the horror stories ; I spent two days researching it before actually buying in. DYOR and good luck my friend! Welcome to the Team!
  10. They are not related. Go to twitch and watch the previous AMA's. They stated this on one of them. Plus there is tons of good information on them! https://www.twitch.tv/safemoonprotocol
  11. Sorry bud it was a scam. Safemoon only has one website safemoon.net. Tons of scammer sites on FB i keep reporting the and half the time FB tells me they have not broken their standards lol.
  12. Pretty sure your giving your info to Simplex and not TW... Also you can read shady stuff about every one of the exchanges/ wallets/ you name it; that we are on and deal with. 99% ends up being the influx of "new to crypto" buyers that are frustrated because they can't figure out, or have been scammed, etc. etc. and that makes it real easy to blame someone instead of their self. Especially if they think it was not their fault or don't have the knowledge to even know if it was their fault. Pick your poison lol, but i'm pretty sure the ramp up of buyers is why you are having these problems. coupl
  13. BPB

    Stop the spamming!!

    I mean, you could report them...
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