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  1. Good day when will Bitmart show earnings for May please? Will the date be the same each month?
  2. Good day friends which date will it be from June onwards to see our monthly earnings on Bitmart please? Thank you
  3. Is the BTC USDT total my safemoon total???
  4. Please explain the link?
  5. Nothing showing at all!!
  6. Good day Please we all would like to know when we will see our gains for holding the coin as we bought on Bitsmary and not pancake swap. Please assist kind regards vanesse
  7. Thank you so very much really appreciate your answer. 😍
  8. Good day My question is the following..... I bought Safemoon on Bitmart so when and how will I see my earnings from the 5% as I did not buy via pancake swap where it shows continuously? Waiting in anticipation kinds regards
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