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  2. Yes please I’d beta test the heck out of it
  3. Today
  4. I also want to test the beta wallet...Pleaseeeeee
  5. I would like to be part of the beta test team too please.
  6. unban wtfdotsqq#2219 please ❤️  please for the love of god. I will be a good boi - i promise!

  7. Hi there Safemoon. Greetings from Malaysia. Im totally excited about the BETA ACCESS SAFEMOON WALLET. Please grant me this opportunity. Greatly appreciated. Many best wishes in Gambia. Thank you.
  8. mine update every 2 seconds ive recieved thousands, i use trust wallet.
  9. Hey my friend I accidentally sent u my supermoon tokens I was tryn to cash out and sent them to your address from my trust wallet is there anything I can do I really was tryn to cash out so I can put the money on my safemoon so I can buy more coins
  10. Has anyone else come along Safemoon Cash?!
  11. finance.yahoo.com/amphtml/news/safemoon-cash-rug-proof-community-131500476.html to rival Safemoon and guarantee a no rug pull?! Wtf ?! This is pathetic…haters riding the wave! #safemoonarmyGENERAL I’m hodling and be careful of these bite off posers!! 🚀🌔🌓🌒🌑
  12. I have been holding....hodling SFM for a while now. 500milion of them. My total has not gone up even .0000001 safe moon aince I bought them the day it was released. So that part is a total scam. Never once dod I gain any tokens. Literally everyone I know that hold safemoon. Has not received one token. I work at Boeing, so I know tons of people who have safemoon and not one has received any air drops or additional tokens.
  13. Anyone know where we will be able to sign up for beta test on the wallet? I believe in Safemoon and have brought several people on board!
  14. hang in there through this bitcoin dip guys. soon enough we will break away. HODL.
  15. hey guys! glad to be here!
  16. Investment scams is continually increasing on the internet targeted at unsuspecting and vulnerable people who are being lured into investing money for returns which they end up never getting nothing in return... I was once a victim of such ... but I was fortunate to have a very good friend who refereed me to a crypto scam burster and recovery expert who helps to recover from this scam scheme... [email protected] ... I finally got back my money with help from Hackloop
  17. Hi, I'm looking forward to using the wallet and exchange in the future, so I wanted to offer a suggestion for what I think would make them both amazing. I've had horrible customer service on a couple of exchanges, the worst being Binance.us, which is too bad because I like their platform. I would move all of my crypto to an exchange that has great customer service. An exchange with a phone number would be the holy grail, but I would settle for having emails replied to in a timely manner!
  18. We'll I hope like he'll I didn't invest in something that I can't get a return on. Eventually, if all works right everyone who has sprint money on safemoon will expect to be able to sell their investment and have access to the money
  19. What did you change to get your reflections? I still haven't gotten mine on TW.
  20. Yesterday
  21. my birthday nizar
  22. In all seriousness, take a look at safemoon Mark’s discussion on liquidity. There’s a nice part addressing the fud toward the end.
  23. I received my reflections from BitMart this morning!! So, if you’re holding in BitMart you’ll get your reflections on the 10th or so each month for the previous month. At least that is how it seems. But I got my reflections, so I wanted to report that to anyone on BitMart who is wondering.
  24. I got mines 😌😍 got a nice 1.8 mill extra shares
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